I am married to Joanne, and have two sons, Paul and Mark. I am deeply committed to ministering to families and especially to letting children and youth know about the incredible love of our amazing Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe that, for our faith to be genuine, it needs to be lived out in loving relationships and concrete actions. I am excited by the fact that God has chosen the church (the church universal – all believers) to change the world! He calls us to be part of that work and empowers us to do it. It is an awesome thing to be part of such a grand work!
My Story:
I grew up in Huntington with three brothers and a sister and we were blessed with parents who brought us regularly to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Huntington Station. My faith was nourished and encouraged by my family and by my church family, including all the Sunday School teachers, youth leaders and pastors at the church. By the time I reached my sophomore year at Amherst College I knew that whatever I did with my life I wanted to be serving and honoring Jesus.
I graduated with a BA in English, and returned to Long Island while I sought a job teaching English (and coaching), or some kind of youth ministry. I was seeking God’s guidance. The coaching and youth ministry doors opened before any permanent teaching position. I was substitute teaching at Huntington High School, working as a part time youth director at Huntington Baptist Church and coaching High School football and basketball. During those years I took some classes at Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, NY (a bit of a commute!) to better equip me for my ministry with the youth. I spent 8 years as a youth director, and during that time I felt God calling me to full time pastoral ministry.
With only two classes left to complete my Master of Divinity degree, I was again seeking God’s guidance as to where I should serve. Should I stay with the American Baptists (where I was youth director), return to my Lutheran roots, join the Christian and Missionary Alliance (where I was in Seminary), or was there something else out there? I thought I had about a year to investigate that question, but God answered it for me sooner than I thought. I came as a pulpit supply pastor to this church in East Northport, discovered the “Evangelical Covenant Church,” and the match has been wonderful – bringing together many of the best aspects from the various denominations I have experienced. I have served as pastor of the congregation in East Northport since the fall of 1988. I love the challenges, the opportunities, the ministry, the people, and most of all, I love serving the Lord. It is an honor and a privilege.