General Comments


Hello to all please excuse I’ve been selfishly neglecting using one of our best tools for building faith by using and involving all of you to keep me motivated!
The Christian walk is NOT a spectator sport!!!!!

Marco Everett


Hey prayer warriors!!!
You know you are doing Gods will when the attack from Satan seems stronger! 
So lift up your voices and your hands in praise thanksgiving and supplication!!!
Zach has been infected so we need to stand with him on total healing! His family also asks for prayers of peace for his grandmother in Hospice!! Amen.

Marco Everett 


Absolutely on the commanded day of rest! I would just add that we can bring down the blessing of sabbath daily and we should!!

Marco Everett


The historical indoctrination humanity has receive falls away when we allow God to speak to us with His word!!!



Pastor!!! Last weeks sermon wasn’t recorded!!!! I want a replay!!!!



Hey here’s a question…. Couldn’t more of us make comments, praise and pray request here also? Can we see the comments and requests of our other participants? Can we offer this email link to others In our circles?

Marco Everett 


Looking forward to the fun activities our church has to offer in Fall!!
Fall festival, Italian dinner and more!

Dawn Pothos


May God's blessings be on all of our children, teachers, school staff, bus drivers, etc to make this school year as productive as possible, as fun as possible, may learning go well. Amen ðŸ™ðŸ½

Marjie Ottaviano


Love the picture blast from the party

Lisa Mohlmann


Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. We truly have such a 
wonderful church family and have been so blessed with Doris' talent.

Marjorie a Ottaviano 


Very nice photos!  It was a perfect afternoon!
I’m wondering if Jerry can email his family cell numbers so I can put them on the group message list?  Thx,



Hey what about a song of the day? Just some melody that everyone carries with them daily like the scripture verse…. Only easier to remember lolo



When reading James I am many times up lifted because I want to perceive I TRY to practice but verses 26 and 27 are hard on “ religion”.  See we want to believe and act like , since we are religious we are cool with God… but many times I, at least am religious in conversations! Gotta really work in this!!

Marco Everett


Many, many thanks for the wonderful luncheon today!  I miss you all already!  In case you'd like to keep in touch we are moving to:

3005 NE 55 Avenue
Portland, OR   97213
cell:  516-446-5251

Send me your cell # and I'll make a church family text list and will share photos of our trip :)

Much love and thanks, 

Doris (see you on zoom!)


Is there a way we can be out on mail list and this arrive daily?

Marco Everett


How do we handle those who MIGHT be on the fence who would look on the church as arrogance or selfish.

Marco Everett


Love the posts about VBS! It was a great week of love, laughter, and trusting Jesus!
The kids questions and curiosity of of Lord was beautiful. Great job done by all!

Dawn Pothos


This is another great way to build each other up! We can group or individual! Please know my prayers, my joy, my Jeep and the strength of my children and I are always at your disposal!

Marco Everett