StressBusters Small Group Study

Stress is not what Jesus had in mind when He said “I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.” In this study your group will experience an eye-opening study of Psalm 23. In this famous Psalm, David shares what he discovered about experiencing God’s life. Over six sessions your group will learn God’s methods for removing stress by filing their lives with God’s life so and experiencing fulfillment, balance, peace, success, courage and confidence.

Come join us on Sunday for a Six-Weeks series "StressBusters" Small Group Bible Study! If you missed the service or just want to refresh your memory, follow the link for the message.

Week 1: "The Secret to Fulfillment"
Week 2: "The Secret to Balance"
Week 3: "The Secret to Peace"
Week 4: " The Secret to Success"
Week 5: "The Secret to Courage"


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